Review: Mission Impossible 4- Ghost Protocol

December 22, 2011

Last Sunday was Tom Cruise Day!  (evil grin)

We already had planned for this day though few changes were made as the day progressed (evil grin) My husband Frederick usually hate it when I change plans, branding me as fickle ūüė¶ .¬† Anyway, as per our plan for the day we went out of the flat at 9:40 giving as ample time to get to the shaw lido movie house without rush since the Mission Impossible will start at 10:45.¬† So we plan to take the yellow line and transfer to the red line, expecting that our journey will be a fast and¬†smooth¬†30 ++ minutes.¬† But things got awry when we were met with SMRT staff at the red line informing us that MRT services from¬†Bishan -MarinaBayare shut down. Terrible.¬† That didn’t really go well as planned.

SMRT conducted a repair¬† of their train line tracks last Sunday that’s the reason why¬†some parts of the red line were closed.¬†¬†They provided free shuttle buses going to all stations until¬†orchard andMarinabay.¬†The disappointing part on that is they didn’t¬†even make any announcements nor a simple warning sign at the yellow mrt line entrances.¬† That could had saved us much trouble. Anyway, instead of whining and grumbling and making ourselves miserable due to the unfortunate event, we took¬†it as a sight-seeing¬†opportunity and see what’s around Singapore as the shuttle bus headed towards Orchard road.¬† It was nice to see other places inSingaporewhere we haven’t been before ūüôā Great joy ride, not bad at all.

This is about Tom Cruise not the MRT! So we watched mission impossible – the ghost protocol in Imax.¬† This is the 4th installment of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible movies and this is the best¬†Mission Impossible ever produced yet!¬†Fantastic!¬†It is a must see movie not only because¬†Tom Cruise is¬†still handsome and delicious despite his age (sorry¬†Dear hehehe you’re more¬†handsome and delicious¬†for me wink wink), but also the movie is fantastic in terms of ¬†it’s story plot, the acting,¬†the cinematography, and the special effects.¬†

Mission Impossible is about the adventures of an Amercian special agent named Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise)¬†¬†and his team.¬† In the 4th series of Mission Impossible:¬† Ghost Protocol, Ethan and his team, composing of Brandt (Simon Pegg), Benjie (Jeremy Renner), and Jane (Paula Patton)¬†were faced with a dangerous terrorist¬† named Hendricks or Cobolt ( Michael Nygvist) who caused¬†the explosion at¬†the Kremlin causing massive destructions to the structure, dozens of people being hurt including Ethan,¬†and implicating the IMF (because¬†Russian authorities¬†found Tom Cruise unconcious wearing a Russian General’s jacket) thus forcing the President of the US to disavow the IMF and invoking Ghost Protocol. Ethan and his team were branded as terrorist but were “obliged” to track down and go after Hendricks, without any help nor back-up from the US government except those promised by the¬†Secretary of State before he was gunned down to death,¬†to stop him from his plan of a nuclear strike against the United States.¬† There evolves the story, with the team chasing Hendricks fromRussia, toDubai, to Mumbai.

What do you expect when watching¬†Mission Impossible?¬†It’s not a documentary, nor drama, nor comedy, though the character of Benji (Simon Pegg) added the necessary spice¬†for a bit¬†humour.Missionimpossible is an action, high-tech-gadget-loaded movie. I like the contact¬†lenses that Brandt (Jeremy Renner) wore. It’s like a mini computer that enables the wearer to connect with the internet, do facial recognitions,¬†copy and print what the wearer sees :-), etc.¬† Is that¬†available in the market?¬† And of course, it won’t be mission impossible if it weren’t for the¬†special effects and death defying stunts, this time, it was not only for Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) but also for his team member, Brandt.¬† Oh, did you notice that the movie also¬†provided a touch of realism?¬† High tech gadget malfunctions too – the pay phone¬†which didn’t self-destruct that Tom Cruise has to whack it and the magnet rover that became faulty, come to think of it, most of their gadgets malfunctioned (hhhhmmm). And that things will not always go as planned¬†and as expected that being spontaneous sometimes can work out.¬† You just have to be Ethan Hunt ūüôā

Like most action films the story is a convolution of politics, terrorism, and personal desires.¬†¬†The movie¬†highlights¬†the old enemy-friend relationship betweenRussia¬†and theUS. And terrorists trying to nuke theUS. Yes, it’s cliche.¬† How many movies did we watch with that kind of storyline? Many.¬† This time, ¬†Hendricks the terrorist, a physicist,¬†went amok and planned a nuclear air strike on theUSwith no demands other than just to make a point.¬† Unlike in¬†other movies, where¬†the¬†terrorists as villains¬†usually make demands, and the main characters, responding to those demand in order to prevent bad things to happen, and then stories will then go around and around this and deceptions of supposed ally provides the twist in the story.¬† Ghost protocol is a straight forward Ethan-and-his-team-save-the-world movie without the world knowing that US was almost vaporized by a mad man.¬†The story¬†revolved on the methods and tactics the team¬†need to execute just to get the job done.

The special effect is astounding. I was actually shouting and sweating while watching specially the scene where Tom Cruise was climbing the Burj Khalifa  building without any safety harness specially the part where he lost his hand climbing gear and when he did an Australian rappel going down and swinging his way back to their suit with the fact that the rope he used is not long enough to get him through.  Caution! If you have fear of heights, try watching with your eyes covered like I did :D.  The scenes  gave me stomach churns, made my hands sweat, and scared me to death.  

With the fourth installment of Mission Impossible, Ethan Hunt and his team will awe you and leave you breathless with amazement.¬†So blackberry, Iphone, and bmw¬†were the movie’s¬†sponsors? I hope to win a blackberry or maybe a ghost protocol hamper. ¬† we’ll watch it again in 3D ūüôā

MissionImpossible 4:  Ghost Protocol is directed by Brad Bird also produced, written by  André Nemec and Josh Appelbaum, and produced by Tom Cruise, J.J. Abrams, and Bryan Burk

-sharosemg (22December2011)


Disasters : Singapore MRT & Typhoon Sendong in the Philippines

December 19, 2011

MRT Train Service Disruptions during the Week

It‚Äôs a Monday and I was late.¬† It was not my fault because I get out earlier than I used to.¬† I was actually expecting that I‚Äôd be earlier than usual still have ample of time to buy breakfast from ‚ÄúOld Chang kee‚ÄĚ and wait for a few minutes for our company‚Äôs shuttle bus.

I was late because the train at the green line was so slow and the waiting time was made longer (sigh) Singapore’s MRT’s (red, yellow, and green lines) operations had been in haywire for the last week.  The three MRT lines had been plagued with series of breakdowns and malfunctions affecting thousands of commuters, including me and my husband. 

The problem as reported started last Wednesday (December 14).¬† It was as early as 6:30 and I was one of those who got annoyed and irritated by such disruptions.¬† Though the management of MRT provided alternative routes and rides for free, that will still be a long grueling journey going to work.¬† That‚Äôs precisely the reason why I decided not to go to work last Wednesday not to mention that I was really having abdominal cramps. Same thing happened last Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.¬† The worst thing is that, warnings / announcements came in late or nothing at all.¬† Just like last Sunday, there was no warning or announcement at the yellow line for the service disruption at the red line, so Frederick and I, unknowingly went to the red line (from the yellow line) to get to Orchard.¬† It was only when we get to the red line that we know of the problem ‚Äď THERE WAS NO MRT SERVICE BOUND TO ORCHARD!¬†

The problems started with a 40-minute breakdown Wednesday on the island’s Circle line and escalated when the busy North-South line ‚ÄĒ which runs from downtown through the famed Orchard Road shopping strip and out to the suburbs ‚ÄĒ was shut for five hours Thursday night and about seven hours Saturday morning.

All subway lines  shut down service during Sunday morning for safety checks according to operator SMRT Corp. Ltd.

 Another line, the East-West, also suffered shutdowns.

¬†SMRT and government officials have struggled to pinpoint and fix the cause of the breakdowns and contain the ensuing commuter chaos in the worst systems failure in the subway’s 24-year history. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said the government will hold a public inquiry into the breakdowns and SMRT’s response.

– source yahoo news Singapore


There were free rides provided though to get commuters from one train station to another.¬† Despite the hassles it caused us, we can‚Äôt help but admire the well-coordinated efforts of the MRT staff.¬† But please MRT people, improve your communication system ‚Äď inform the public early on for such mishaps so that commuters like¬†us will come up with other plans.¬† There‚Äôs the broadcasting system you can use not to mention social networking sites¬†like facebooks and twitter.

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Typhoon Sendong Ravages Mindanao

 While thousands of Singapore commuters, like me and my husband, were whining and ranting about the inconveniences and discomfort we’ve been through due to the service disruptions brought about by the MRT breakdowns and safety checks, our  Filipinos in Mindanao were struggling to stay alive and survive the monstrous typhoon Sendong.  I felt ashamed of myself for complaining about petty things while others are going through a more difficult ordeal.

Cyclones come and go in the Philippines, some are just passing by quietly and peacefully, some bring disaster, ravaging and laying to waste those that come their way. Typhoon Sendong was branded as one of the deadliest cyclones to hit the Philippines in twelve years. As of the news today, death toll rose to 711 in Mindanao and 482 persons remained missing (Philippine Daily Inquirer – ) properties had been damaged, and agricultural crops laid to waste.

According to the news  (Philippine Daily Inquirer Р )  

Tropical Storm Washi (typhoon Sendong) blew away Sunday after devastating a wide swath of the mountainous region on Mindanao island, which is unaccustomed to major storms.

Most of the victims were asleep Friday night when flash floods cascaded down mountain slopes with logs and uprooted trees, swelling rivers and killing at least 532 people. The late-season tropical storm turned the worst-hit coastal cities of Cagayan de Oro and nearby Iligan into muddy wastelands filled with overturned cars and broken trees.

Our prayers goes to all of our kababayan in Mindanao.


– sharosemg (19December2011)

What to Consider Before Having Kids

November 26, 2011

At certain periods in our lives, each of us, regardless if you are a woman or a man, would want to have kids. Either it’s still early for you, you are at the right age and matured enough to handle responsibilities that comes alongside getting pregnant and having a child, or you have come to this realization too late in your life, which ever period in your life you are right now, the thing is, YOU WANT TO HAVE A CHILD and as much as possible, your own flesh and blood offspring.

Having a child is one of one the biggest decision a person or a couple makes in his/her/their lifetime. It takes a lot of commitment and of course sacrifices. A couple or an individual has to be prepared and ready before venturing into this life-changing decision.

Being a parent is a big responsibility so, first, ask yourselves this : Am I / Are we ready to be parent/s? If you answered YES, move on and read. If you answered NO, then browse other articles on this blog site.

Here are a few things to consider before taking a step forward to planning a baby, and this involves spouses, couples, or if you plan to be a single parent, it involves you:

1. Have you decided how many kids you both want and when to have them?  Be realistic. Have kids that you are capable of providing a good life for.

2. For couples: Is your marriage strong enough to handle stress of having a child/children? Getting pregnant, having to deal with all the pregnancy hooplas and of course, raising a child will add more stress and pressure into your marriage. Couples should first strengthen their marriage. They will do so by dealing with their problems, first and foremost. As advised by Irina Firstein, LCSW (a relationship and marriage therapist in New York City) in her article ‚ÄúThings Couples Should Consider Before Having A Baby‚ÄĚ ( ) ‚Äútry to deal with whatever “problems” you have as a couple before having your first child, if at all possible‚ÄĚ she advised further to ‚Äúlearn to talk about these differences and be able to hear each other and appreciate your spouse‚Äôs position and then arrive at a resolution after careful consideration that is acceptable to the both of you‚ÄĚ

After that, make sure that both are committed to the goal of having and raising a child.  Now, if the other parent doesn’t want to commit, the parent who is committed must be ready to become a single parent (And divorce the asshole)

3. Are you ready to sacrifice? Raising a child will require more of your personal time and of course money. Are you ready to sacrifice your computer-time including saying bye-bye to new toys and gadgets? your shopping time and even shopping money? night-out with the girls/boys? and of course are you ready to sacrifice your beauty rests since you’d be waking up at night or dawn to attend to your baby’s needs? Couples, by the way, should discuss who is going to wake up at what time for the baby, or who is going to bring the baby to the hospital for vaccination, etc.

Note: this is not just a one parent job, it has to be the responsibility of both parents.  As I have said in the previous paragraph, and I will stress it again- COMMITMENT

4. Are both of you emotionally prepared? A pregnant woman’s hormone is hay-wired making her moody and prone to tantrums. Is your husband ready to handle this? And are you able to handle it? You might be ignoring each other for quite sometime since your attention will be focus on your child, how are you going to handle it? What about no-sex period? Talk about it and discuss how you are going to address such issues.

5. Be financially prepared : Cut down on your current expenses and save up some money. Do not tell yourself/yourselves that you are not capable of having a kid because you have no $200,000 (+++) spare on savings. You’ve been watching to much tv or reading too many articles. Unless you were born with a silver spoon or a golden cup, then you have that amount. If my parents considered that before I was conceive, then I wouldn’t have been born nor were my siblings because they didn’t have much, they were poor when they started a family. As long as both of you or you (if you opt to be a single parent) have stable job/s, and you have enough money to spend for the pre-natal, post-natal, giving-birth expenses, and child-care for your child’s first few years. And I believe too, that if you really love and committed to bring a child in this world, that will inspire you to do all that it takes to provide your child a better life.  If you have the good and right intentions, everything will fall into place one at a time.

Want to know how much will it cost to have and raise a child?  Read this and this .

6. How would you go about parenting? How are you both going to be handling being mom and dad? Discuss how you are going to handle your kid. What kind of disciplinary measures are you going to implement. Will you be strict or lax?

7. Finally, prepare your bodies. Both couples should be healthy to ensure that your baby will come out healthy. Not only that, successful conception / pregnancy lies on the health of both man and woman. Make an appointment with your doctor immediately.


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Lethargy & Pain

November 3, 2011

I’m back from my hibernation. It’s been more than 2 months since my last post in this blog.  I’ve been silent and inactive on this blog, in another blog account of mine  ( ), and in my facebook and twitter accounts. I do have a few reasons, yes indeed.  

My reasons, of course, were not as important as our wedding, nor as consequential as Steve Jobs’s death or the political and economic turmoil in Greece.  They are trivial, as always.  Too paltry and trifling that it’s not worth other people’s attention L  Pathetic and boring as I may sound, but I will still continue with this entry (yaaawnnn)

I’ve been in a lethargic state for over a month.  I lost focus, my attention span had been shortened, I can’t bring my thoughts  to words, everything seemed to be unexciting and monotonous, and I just don’t feel like doing anything.  First, I had stopped my special diet because I was too lazy to prepare food (juice, blend, etc) and sometimes to cook.  I still cook of course but I was no longer excited about it and most of the time, I just force myself to do so forFrederick(my husband did most of the cooking previously)  I no longer exercise- no swimming, no jogging and even walking.  We no longer go to supermarkets as often as we did before.  Going from shelf to shelf to pick-up groceries drains my energy that I really have to drag my feet around or most of the time I request my husband to just get the goods from wherever while I wait somewhere (thanks to my very understanding husband)

I am a tv-series / movies marathoner that I can watch 1 full season of a tv series in 24-hour straight but for the previous weeks, I barely watch because I don‚Äôt find my usual favorites interesting anymore and because of my laziness.¬† I was too lazy to stare and understand those moving pictures.¬† Sometimes, I just turn my laptop on and stare blankly at the monitor. ¬†And worse I was even too lazy to switch on my laptop I even sometimes just use my husband‚Äôs switched on laptop and stare blankly at it. ¬†The good thing about it is that I spent lesser time in front of my laptop J but it was for nothing because I just lie down on the bed and stare blankly at anything (because I can‚Äô sleep!) I also stopped reading because nothing seemed to be interesting, everything is boring ¬†and even if I read, I wouldn‚Äôt even comprehend it. ¬†I am just reading plain words linked together but I can‚Äôt make out the meaning. ¬†And worst I can‚Äôt recall what I just read. ¬†My daily existence had been reduced to a humdrum. ¬†The good thing about this period is that I seldom got grumpy nor angry J I was just too lazy or not in the mood to be so ūüėÄ

Depress?¬† I am definitely not depress.¬† I am actually happy because my husband and I are together finally.¬† We are still in the process of ‚Äúhaving a baby‚ÄĚ and we‚Äôre getting there (optimistic) ūüôā

Lazy? Perhaps, because I used the word several times in the previous paragraphs.  BUT that is not the main reason for my apathetic and sluggish behavior.  I was lazy just because I was lazy but due to the pain, physical pain and discomfort, that I am still going through.

I‚Äôve been having this pain maybe 2 months or more. Nothing serious though.¬† It‚Äôs normal. ¬†¬†I‚Äôve been in the same situation before only worse this time.¬† ¬†My stomach (yes I can pinpoint the pain in that particular area) and the right side of my belly is really painful, and my constipation had worsened.¬† I always feel so full and bloated like I‚Äôve taken in too much food, water, and air (the order is not chronological) but I still get hungry and my stomach aches (terribly) when I am hungry . I can feel the burning acid inside me corroding and gnawing the linings of my stomach, maybe including my intestines,¬† it‚Äôs the same feeling as when someone is hungry only worse coz it‚Äôs thrice or even quadrupled the pain.¬† The most distressing point is, the pain is more excruciating when I eat, no matter what kind (soft solids, liquid, regular food) and no matter how small or large the quantity of food I ingest‚Äď it feels like my stomach is grinding pebbles and stones and acid at the same time.¬† The painful contractions and spasms in my abdomen at times are still tolerable (my tolerance of pain is high J).¬† I say abdomen, because it‚Äôs not just my stomach that‚Äôs aching but also the right part of my belly.¬† There‚Äôs an irritating discomfort on the upper right side of my abdomen ‚Äď like someone had punch me on that area or a big stone is impacted somewhere there.¬† My constipation had worsened which made my condition even more uncomfortable and annoying most of the time.¬† Not to mention that my ‚Äúacne‚ÄĚ has aggravated.¬† It was really a period of nightmare.

Frederick had been begging me to consult a specialist, a gastroenterologist, because I’ve been complaining about my persisting abdominal pain and worsening constipation.  He also  had  noticed the changes in me.  He pointed out that I no longer do my usual activities and hobbies- no swimming, no jogging, no walking, no blogging, no more new dishes, and I always look so tired and indisposed.  The truth is, I’ve been delaying seeing a doctor, I always had alibis, and I actually intentionally missed 2 doctor’s appointments because I don’t find it necessary. I had assuredFrederickthat I am ok and the pain is still tolerable.  But my husband kept nagging and prodding me to see a gastroenterologist to be checked.  I conceded (he forced me to >X)

We went to SGH (SingaporeGeneralHospital) for a consultation with Dr. Kong San Choon Chris a gastroenterologist.  He ran some test for me because he suspected that my symptoms might be caused by the presence of gallstones.  It turned out that my blood works and my abdominal and uterous ultrasound is normal and I have no gallstones and there were no problems with my thyroid, my kidneys, pancreas, spleen ,liver, and gall bladder (except for a few small polyps which are non-life threatening) and of course there’s the small cysts in my ovaries (I have PCOS) We spent more than a thousand dollars on that and we’re grateful nothing serious came out from that but also we’re worried that something worse is yet to come specially that the medicines the good doctor gave me didn’t work so he prescribed another set of drugs. Now he is requiring me to go through endoscopy and colonoscopy to rule-out whatever it is that is causing all the symptoms.  Because he suspects that I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or cancer in either my stomach or intestines.  I don’t want to take the test because it’s too expensive here inSingapore(more than $ 3k) I will still decide if I do it in thePhilippinesbecause it’s 50% cheaper, but that is only for the test.  Please don’t get my husband’s opinion because he’d been forcing me to go through the tests at the earliest possible time.  But I don’t want to (IT IS EXPENSIVE JUST FOR SOME TESTS!) not yet anyway.

The new prescribed medicines seems to be doing good specially the laxative. It relieves my abdominal pain and my constipation.  Now, I have to go back to my previous special diet and workout  (see My Way of Losing Weight ) I believe this will help.

By the way, Dr. Kong is a great doctor.  He believes that being in good shape and weight will lead to achieving optimal health.  He advised us to :

1) lose weight  (I’m currently at  57 kg with unsightly bulges everywhere)  

2) eat healthy and balance meals (eat the papaya instead of the burger ‚Äď something like that)

3) be extra-active everyday- exercise!  He advised me and Frederick to swim and complete 1 lap in 2 minutes that is 30 laps in an hour (1 lap = 50 m.) I can do 10 laps in 40 minutes and 20 laps in an hour forFrederick.  We still have a long way to go.  And I need to build up my endurance and stamina again.


A Week of Sickness

July 22, 2011

1) I‚Äôve been down with URTI / bronchitis / asthma for almost 2 weeks now since we got back from Manila. ¬†I was on sick leave (they call it MC here in Sg) for 2 days but I‚Äôm back in the office now still ‚Äúbarking‚ÄĚ and groggy due to the medicines I‚Äôve been taking. ¬†I‚Äôm back on steroid, so hello there bloating again (steroids causes water retention).¬† So how‚Äôs that for maintaining my new figure?

The doctor said that my ‚Äúillness‚ÄĚ ¬†‚Äúmight‚ÄĚ have been caused by the¬†constant¬†¬†weather changes, dust, etc. So there, we really need to look for a place where the climate is consistent. ¬†Unlike here inSingapore and in the Philippines where the weather condition is very unstable: it rains in the morning and it‚Äôs hot in the afternoon or it‚Äôs hot in the morning then it‚Äôs raining in the afternoon.¬† We need¬†a change in climate,¬†seriously¬†

2) My husband Frederick is also sick. ¬†He has tonsillitis AGAIN, AS USUAL. ¬†He was diagnosed last night with tonsillitis ‚Äď chronic at that because he contracts tonsillitis often ‚Äď 3 to 4 times in a month and almost every month at that and he‚Äôs been like this for more than a decade now.

We went to see a local Doctor in Tabuk (Dr. Vargas) during our vacation there and he was advised to take a prophylaxis for 5 months.  He has to take sumapen + aspirin 3 times a day for 10 days every  month for 5 months.  Since day 1 of his sumapen-aspirin prophylaxis, he had already been complaining about stomach cramps which he suspected that the aspirin is causing it (aspirin actually can cause irritation, cramps, and worst of all bleeding/ulcer.  The thing is, he doesn’t want to take antacid which I had suggested he does.

After a few days of finishing his first oral dose of the sumapen-aspirin prophylaxis, his tonsils get swollen and inflamed and it both have pus and his lymph nodes on his neck puffed up.  I’ve been begging him to see a doctor but he refused to and I had to keep on nagging him yesterday afternoon for him to seek medical help. Good thing he agreed to do so last night, otherwise I will really drag him to Shenton clinic.  The GP doctor recommended that he gets tonsillectomy to remove his tonsils once and for all.  He had been contemplating on this for years already,  it’s just that doctors in the Philippines do not recommend the removal of his tonsils.

Now, we are ins search for non-evasive Tonsillectomy / adenoidectomy surgical procedure either here inSingaporeor in thePhilippines.  I hope we can find one so Frederickcan get over his chronic tonsillitis, once and for all.  The surgical procedure is still considered a minor surgery so I’m ok with it.  What to do next?  We need to consult an EENT specialist (Eye, ear, nose, & throat)

This morning,  I made him Lemon & apple cider vinegar tonic (see Lemon & Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic ) which I have posted in my other blog FOOD FOR MY LOVE) .  He read from a website article that lemon helps in relieving / curing even chronic tonsillitis.  I also read that apple cider vinegar does the same along with honey.  So let’s wait and see the result for a couple of days.

3) Well I started with the lemon-ACV tonic again this morning (see Lemon & Apple Cider Vinegar¬†Tonic¬†) . ¬†I stopped taking it for a month now I think, since we went for vacation in the Philippines.¬† This is because lemon is scarce and expensive there specially in the province (Tabuk, Kalinga).¬†¬†Also, Frederick advised me to stop taking vitamin C and citrus fruits for the meantime while I have my cough, because, according to him, it will thicken the phlegm making it harder for me to cough it out. ¬†Hhhhhmmm I decided to go against him and drink lemon-ACV tonic again because I¬†read that lemon helps cure colds, cough, allergic rhinitis, asthma, and the like ūüôā



Nike Factory Outlet in Singapore

July 19, 2011

The Great Singapore Sale is almost over.  It’s ending on the 24th of July.  For those like me who haven’t had the chance to go shopping spree during this year’s GSS, don’t despair,  There are still places where we can buy branded clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories at cheaper and more affordable prices.  All we need is to really go hunt for them.

My husband and I have been on the hunt for sports shoes .¬† Frederick’s¬†first preference is Nike next would be adidas.¬† According to him, they may be expensive but the quality of their shoes is superior specially when it comes to running shoes and¬†they last longer than others.¬† That’s what he calls¬†value for money¬†.

Well for me, it really doesn‚Äôt matter what brand of running shoes I wear as long as it serves the purpose (and that is for running), comfy to my feet specially when I‚Äôm running/walking/ having any kind of work out, it lasts, and doesn‚Äôt cost me a hundred dollars!¬† My current running shoes is already 2 years old.¬† It has been my daily running buddy for 2 years, and yes I use it every freakin day. ¬†It is so comfortable to use and has taken care of my feet since day 1. ¬†And I bough it a discounted price of SG$ 49.¬† That‚Äôs my Fila running shoes.¬† Well I am not endorsing Fila of course. ¬†I‚Äôm just saying that I love my Fila running shoes. ¬†But it already needs replacement, it is already at its near extinction state ūüė¶

I need a new running shoes, in short, and my husband wants to buy a running shoes too as his more than 3 years old adidas, though it’s still wearable and looks decent, might say bye bye to him soon.  He needs to have another pair of sports shoes he can use alternately with his old one.  Experts recommend having at least two shoes to wear rotationally specially for running shoes simply to make the life of both shoes last longer.

Anyway, my husband wants Nike, it’s his first choice and adidas, second.  So I suggested that we take a look at the factory outlet of Nike.  I’ve already known years before that there is a Nike factory outlet store inSingaporebut I really never had the chance to take a look at it as it is located in a secluded mall in the outskirts ofSingapore.  It is really really really far from our place in Serangoon.  This time, since my husband wants to check it out, so off we went to visit the factory outlet last Saturday.

The Nike factory Store is located at theWest CoastPlaza.  It’s a medium-sized mall that is situated inside an HDB  village far from any bus interchange and MRT lines.  The mall is so quiet that it gave us an eerie feeling,  like we are inside a deserted museum of clothes and foods.  There are no people around except for some students reviewing at coffee shops, the stores salesmen and sales ladies, and just us lingering the mall’s corridors.  Surprisingly, the Nike factory store is filled with shoppers, bargain hunters like us.

The Nike factory store is large and it sells a wide array of sporting apparels and footwear for both men, women, and there‚Äôs also a small¬†section for¬† kids.¬† Upon entering the stores, you will see racks of sports clothings from women’s training bras, tank, tops, running capris, shorts, and pants to men‚Äôs tshirts,¬†hoodies, sweat pants, shorts, jackets, etc. ¬†There are kids wear that I haven‚Äôt paid much attention to. ¬†There are also nike accessories from foot socks, wrist bands, etc.

The shoes and other footwears are located at the back of the store. ¬†They have¬†¬†several racks, within¬†customer’s hand reach, that displays several women’s and men’s running, training, casual, and other sport’s¬†shoes.¬† some of the styles are from previous season which are no longer on display in normal Nike stores however, there are still some designs you can see in normal Nike stores’ shelves that the factory outlet are selling on discounted price.¬†

The store is organized, no clutter and it is easy to find the things you seek.¬† Aside from separating the apparels from the shoes, and segregating women’s, men’s, and kids stuffs, they also categorized the shoe displays by sizes.¬† It is a self-service store but there are available service crews that are friendly and really very extra helpful.¬† They gave us¬†information as to what is best for our feet, what shoes are for what purposes, how to know what’s best fits us, etc.

The best thing about the Nike factory outlet is that the prices are definitely lower as compared to those in normal/regular Nike stores nationwide.  But of course it is expected that some of the models/styles/design we like and our sizes might  not be available, so do not expect much.  If you are not willing to compromise on the design then better visit a regular Nike store. BUT if you are after the low prices, then you can always find a different design with your size.

If you want to check the Nike factory outlet, the details are below:

Frederick at the Nike factory outlet store @ West Coast Mall

Nike Factory Store

Unit # 01-63-66, West Coast Plaza

Direction for commuters:  take the green line MRT. Get off at clementi MRT station.  Take the SBS# 175 or 189 at the bus stop located in front of Blk 324.  tell the driver to drop you off at west coast plaza.  Or take the shuttle bus going to the mall from the same bus stop.

By the way, the factory store replenishes its stocks every Mondays and Thursdays.


Esprit Outlet Stores in Singapore

July 12, 2011


 Before I went back to the Philippines for a  holiday I dropped by at an Esprit outlet store located at IMM.  I usually visit the shop every ones in a while when I need to buy some shirts, blouse, skirts, etc. at a bargain price of course.



The items sold here are mostly old¬†style from previous seasons but are¬†still trendy and not outdated in terms of fashion¬†AND the most important thing is that¬†they come in really cheap.¬† Great finds, isn’t it?

The discount usually ranges from 50-70%, I bought a denim skirt with an original price of SG$ 99 for only SG$ 39.  There are a lot to choose from.  There are clothes for men, women, teens, and kids, there are bags, wallets, belts, towels, and other accessories. The outlet store in IMM big and organize. 

For those who are hunting for trendy wears at affordable prices, I recommend you drop by at these esprit outlet stores:
   1) Esprit IMM Building near Jurong East MRT station
   2) Esprit Sembawang Shopping Center

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